Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And I'm having another one?!

This is my feeling about kids today.

We already have 3, and another coming in October.
It gets soooo hectic around here!!

The kids conned us into having friends spend the night last night.
Nevaeh asked first, and we said yes.
Then Peyton's friend Logan from our neighborhood came over and he wanted to spend the night, too.
How could we say no?

THEN, two of Logan's sisters wanted to spend the night, as well...
and how can we say no when their brother is spending the night?
I let Chris make the final decision on that since I had to get my glucose test done this morning.
He said it was fine. His problem, right?

Well, I babysit two of my nephews during the day so they came over this morning at 7:30.
Chris had to make breakfast for 10 kids. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh how funny.

He sent me a text while I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital that said,
"only one friend per kid is allowed to spend the night from now on".
Oh he had a good time, I'm sureeee.

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