Monday, June 15, 2015

Basement Under Construction

With another baby on the way, we need another bedroom!! Our four bedroom house is too small for us already, so we are finishing our basement to add a bedroom. Peyton will be moving down there. He is so excited because he gets to choose his own paint colors and decorations this time.

I have been working on my Avon business today during all of the noise (Sylas sleeps like a rock) and afterward decided to look on Pinterest for ideas for Peyton's new basement bedroom. I found so many cool ideas!
Kids Stuff World

There was no source information for this one! 

Boredom Led to This

Buzz Feed

The Gunny Sack

I love looking at new ideas for the kids. They get so excited seeing all the possibilities for their space. Next will be Nevaeh's bathroom. ;)

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