Friday, January 3, 2014


Wednesday night, Chris and I sat down and put together a budget. It was so much easier than I thought it would be, and afterward, I felt so relieved. The feeling of having a plan is great. I definitely feel more optimistic about our future.

We browsed pinterest for a bit, looking for helpful budgeting advice, and came across Christine's blog, First Home Love Life. She had a post about budgeting with differing paychecks. Neither of us have consistent paychecks... they are about the same every week, but never exactly the same, so this was perfect for us.

She uses an apple app called Numbers, but it was $9.99 to download it on my iPad, so I just stuck with excel on my laptop, and it worked well for us. I do eventually want to get the app that she uses, though.

Also, Chris and I haven't been very organized in the past, so we didn't have our old bills to reference back to. We do plan on trying to look at our old bank statements to get a better idea, but for now we just made do with what we have.

For now, I'm content with what we accomplished. I feel that we have a solid system down, that will allow us to manage our money so much better. 

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